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Welcome to Coodos, we will provide advanced and easy to use technology solutions to you!



Web Development

we are great web developers who know how to rank a website on top and get clicks, we will make amazing website for you that you love!

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Scripting and Automation

Need a script that does something for you? look no more! Automation and scripting happens to be our forte! We will make fast, light and effective scripts for you

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App Development

We make user friendly and intuitive apps! Our apps will work on both iOS and Android, place order for your very own app today!

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  • Web Development

    Need a website ASAP? look no more! we will make a quality, mobile responsive website for you! We are experts at making catchy and appealing websites!

  • App Development

    We will make light, and simple to use multi-platform apps at economical rates for you!

  • Scripting an Automation

    Want to automate your daily monotonous job? Describe us your needs and we will make a bot that does it for you!

A bit About Us

We are here to provide you with zero-compromises code for your product, we have what it takes to bring your ideas to virtual life

Merul Dhiman, Coodos

Merul Dhiman

I am Merul, I had started my coding journey with game development in Unity 4 years ago and it has been a hell of a ride! I am a full stack developer who specializes in Scripting and Desktop Application Development! I am one of the finalists of Google Code-in 2019 and I have won multiple coding contests hosted by big organisations! Coodos is my initiative to provide no-compromise tech products to you!

Founder, Coodos