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About Us

These days the Software Development industry has become bloated with developers who do something just for the sake of it, and without any passion. This leads to a bad experience for both the developer and the client. Since the developer doesn’t enjoy what they are doing, and the results of it are apparent in their work.

Here at Coodos we aim to curb that, only parterining with enthusiastic and passionate people who are fit for the tasks. We only work with developers who love what the do and the result of this is clearly visible in the products.

Tailor Made.
For your needs.

We develop custom tech solutions suited for your needs from the ground up. When working with us you can rest assured that the end product would be to your liking.

At Coodos we live by the motto, “serve to your client what you would serve to yourself”, Any product we deliver is made exactly for what you want.

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What we offer!


Want to grow your online presence with amazing looking websites?

we can make amazing looking websites for your business to help you grow your web presence.


Want a native application or Software as a Service? look no further!

We can create great looking WebApps that function exactly how you want them to, we can create regular webapps or progressive web apps.


Bored out of repetition? or, do you want AI to automate some of your work?

we can deploy custom scripts custom made to do just the task that you want.

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